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Welcome to the Milton Youth Hockey Web site.  Its primary purpose is to provide a central location for information on Milton Youth Hockey - and at times other hockey related news and events.  Within these pages you will find everything you need to keep you well informed about our program and our teams. While we continue to enhance this site, we encourage your feedback and suggestions at any time! We welcome you to our program and appreciate your support.  Please check back often before, during and after the season for updates.  Send suggestions and comments to: , or use the Feedback tab found on the left menu of the homepage.

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Registration Open for 2018-19! Closes March 25th!
Registration for the 2018-2019 Travel Hockey Season is open and...
MYH's Travel Hockey Program
What is Travel Hockey? For those new to hockey and to MYH, we...
Registration Open for 2018-19! Closes March 25th!

Registration for the 2018-2019 Travel Hockey Season is open and closes March 25th.  Both new and returning players must register on-line prior to evaluations. Any registrations after 3/25/2018 will incur a $50.00 late fee.

MYH Hockey offers full and half season programs.  The full travel season runs from September to the end of March.  The half season programs, which includes Midgets and Girls U19, run from late August to Thanksgiving. To learn more about “What is Travel Hockey”, please see the Home page under Headlines.

Tryouts for next season will be held on 3/27-3/29 for Midgets and Girls Program players. Mites through Bantams will be Monday, April 2nd through Thursday, April 5th. Please see grid below or website for tryout dates and times based on your players level. ALL players will need to complete registration PRIOR to tryouts. Additionally, tuition will either need to be paid in full or the first installment of a 50% payment will be required at registration and will need to be paid prior to tryouts.

To Register:

Click on “Register Online” listed in the red tab section on the left side of the home page. From here, select the program you would like to register for. If you would like to utilize the payment plan option, select it here and then on the following screens you will select the program/level that you are registering your player for.

Please see the information below as well as on the website to make sure you are registering your child for the appropriate level based on their year of birth. The system should list your child as “ineligible” if you selected the wrong age bracket.

Birth Year for 2018-19 Season:

2010, 2011- Mite

2008, 2009-Squirt, Girls U10

2006, 2007-Pee Wee, Girls U12

2004, 2005-Bantam, Girls U14

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003-Midget, Girls U19

For Girls Program Participants: Priority for roster spots will be given to Milton Residents, those who attend Milton Schools and who have also played for MYH in the past year, in that order.  Girls from other towns will be allowed to register and tryout, if it is determined that there are no roster spots available after tryouts then they will receive a full refund.

Girls that are playing for Boys teams but wish to also play for the Girls teams are asked to register for the appropriate Boys teams (Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams).  Then, send a separate email to Peter Mullen at   so that your girl player will be added to the Girls team tryout list.   Have your girl attend Girls tryouts also and if it is determined that there is a need for Girls to play for both teams, you will be notified and asked to pay for the 2nd roster spot (50% of tuition $587.50, no family discount taken on this charge.)


Tuition for 2018-19 Season:


$1175 -full season travel teams (Mite, Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, Girls U10, U12, U14)

$650- ½ season teams (Midgets/U19)


$650 for full year teams

$325 for Midget/U19 teams.

*These tuitions represent the 50% discount the program offers to Full-time goalies.


We also offer a family discount which is 15% for the 2nd child, 25% for the 3rd child and 35% for the 4th child registered.  Goalie tuitions are not eligible for the family discount.



You have two options: Pay in full or a Payment Plan.

Payment can either be made by electronic fund transfer (EFT) or by credit card. MYH prefers the EFT option as it offers lower processing fees.

If you choose the Payment Plan, you will be charged 50% of the total tuition cost as a deposit and then the remaining balance will be divided into 4 equal installments ($625 followed by 4 payments of $156.25). Each installment will be charged an additional $10 administrative/late fee to capture the lost interest that a payment in full would provide.   Installments due dates will be 5/1/18, 6/1/18, 7/1/18 and 8/1/18. All accounts must be paid in full on 8/1/18 or your player will not be allowed on the ice to begin the season.

Tryouts for the 2018-19 Season:

Location: Ulin Rink

Dates: March 27-29, April 2-5, 2018. All times are PM.

Full equipment is required for tryouts.



Tuesday 3/27

Wednesday 3/28

Thursday 3/29






Girls U10/U12

Midgets 1 (A-L)

Girls U10/U12






Girls U14, U19

Midgets 2 (M-Z)

Girls U14/U19








Midget (A-L) 8:10-8:40pm




Midget (M-Z) 8:40-9:10pm


Monday 4/2

Tuesday 4/3

Wednesday 4/4

Thursday 4/5





Mites Tryout #1 (A-L)

Squirts Tryout #1 (A-E)

Squirt Tryout #2 (A-K)

Mite All

5-5:50 pm

5-6 pm

5-6:20 pm


Mites Tryout #1 (M-Z)

Squirts Tryout #1 (F-L)

Squirt Tryout #2 (L-Z)

PW Tryout #2 (A-L)

6-6:50 pm

6-7 pm

6:30-7:50 pm

6-7:20 pm

Pee Wee Tryout #1 (A-F)

Squirts Tryout #1 (M-Z)

Bantam Tryout #1 (A-K)

PW Tryout #2 (L-Z)

7-7:50 pm

7-8 pm

8-8:50 pm

7:30-8:50 pm

Pee Wee Tryout #1 (G-M)

Pee Wee Tryout #1 (N-Z)

Bantam Tryout #1 (L-Z)

All Bantam


8-9 pm

9-9:50 pm

9-9:50 pm


*IMPORTANT: All players will attend two tryout sessions #1 and #2. Your session time is based on your last name. For example, if you are a Pee Wee with the last name “Smith” your #1 session will be Tuesday 4/3 from 8-9pm and your #2 session is Thursday at 7:30pm-8:50pm. The first session evaluates skills and the second game play during scrimmaging.

*Please note-we will be asking you AFTER April 1st to register with USA Hockey for next season and to add that information to your player’s profile. The USA Hockey site doesn’t open up registrations for the 2018-19 season until April 1st. Please DO NOT try to register with USA Hockey prior to April 1st as the system will charge you the fee but you will be registered for the wrong season and NOT the upcoming 2018-19 season. Again, we will send a reminder email about this AFTER April 1st to all players that have registered.

Thank you and please register your players as soon as possible! Late registrations incur a monetary late fee for you plus they make it difficult for us planning the evaluation sessions. Thanks you in advance for your consideration with this process. 

by posted 03/14/2018
MYH's Travel Hockey Program

What is Travel Hockey?

For those new to hockey and to MYH, we offer two major Hockey programs: A Travel program and a House League Program. We also offer a Learn to Skate program. For additional information about the last two programs, please see the appropriate tabs at the top of the Home Page. 

The MYH travel program consists of aged based boys and girls divisions.  The Boy’s division is broken in to five age levels based on USA Hockey guidelines: Mite (ages 7-8), Squirt (9-10), Pee Wee (11-12), Bantam (13-14) and Midgets (15-18).  The Girls division is broken in to five age levels based on USA Hockey guidelines as well: U (under) 10, U12, U14, U16 and U19. Depending on the numbers of registrations, MYH tries to field teams in all levels.

Within each level – boys or girls, teams are selected based on skating and hockey skills: “A” teams having the highest level and “C” teams have lesser skills.  Regardless of skill levels – whether your son or daughter is on an A, B or C team, MYH offers players a fun, safe and competitive playing environment.

As most of the players on the Midget and U19 teams are at the high school levels – and a majority of these players play for High School hockey, MYH offers a Half Season program.  This program typically runs from late August and ends prior to Thanksgiving.  They typically have about 13 games plus the one Skills/Power Skating and one Team Practice each week. 

For all the other teams, MHY offers a full travel season that runs from mid-September to the end of March.  These teams typically play about 30 games, and includes a weekly Skills/Power Skating and one team practice each week. 


by posted 03/18/2016
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